Isn’t this sad?

Very sad – no-one reads my blog! The impertinence of it!!! I wish I knew what to do! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wonder what to do!
Need to go make icing for my cake for tomorrow’s picnic with the dreamers!


Waste of time!

I have been thinking for a while now that this blogging on wordpress is not for me! Always seems to be a problem as getting into wordpress is a problem then thinking of what to say is also a problem which is weird as I talk all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So this may very well be my last entry here! Might just stick to facebook!

Oh dear me!

How on earth do I encourage people to visit my blog regularly? I think I know – I just need to regularly post snippets of interesting information! There you go I have the answer I think! Still looking for work – never ending saga – this is!If anyone reads my blog please just remember that I am looking for work! I am working part time for friends of mine but the work isn’t regular so therefore neither is the money. Administrative and computer work – anything in those lines would be an answer to prayer!

Another cooler day!

Still looking for work – pain in the neck that it is!
Cool rainy day today – my favourite weather!
You have been declared holy and immaculate. Everything that is in conflict with this status, has to fall off from you. – Daily Planner for Women 2015. Tried to have a quiet time today but the birds were so noisy and distracting. Read a little from my bible. Not so successsful!

A magnificent monday!

Supposedly a magnificent monday! Every day is what you make it though so all good!
Dear Aunty Else passed away last week – she will be sorely missed!
My eyes feel so heavy! Hmmm!
I wish I could think of more to write but I often can’t – incredabley frustrating!
For someone who enjoys talking – aweful!
I am going for another trim as I have discovered split ends and that is not good!

Confusion reigns

I don’t know how much I like this wordpress site so am hoping to come across something better! Computers can be very confusing you know! I was trying to access my google account and I had the wrong password so I went through a process to remake a new password but then I forgot where I was???????????????????????? My story today!!

Another day!

Another day – windows are clean now! Window cleaner came and cleaned!
Feeling hungry need some food! Wonder if I will go for lunch? Shall wait and see!
Can’t think of much else
Started another course yesterday and am hoping to learn much from it!
Discerning God’s voice!