My phone has lost it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Frustration looms!
Anyway onto bigger and better things – marshmallow fish tasted great!
Our new life should look more like Christ: and then take on an entirely new way of life – a God-fashioned life, a life renewed from the inside and working itself into your conduct as God accurately reproduces His character in you. – The Message. From my diary.


Cool day today!

Just for a change but then we are in the middle of winter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Started another book but there is some swearing and I really don’t like that! I don’t swear so why should I have to read swearing! Will have to start another one! Feeling tired just for a change! This morning on the radio the man was saying that when we pray we need to pray aloud as God won’t hear us otherwise? Seems strange as I talk to God all the time in my head and am sure he hears me – we even have a conversation at times – but not out loud! I guess we are all different! I am feeling nauseous again – think I might lie down for a while!

Wonderful wednesday!

Didn’t sleep so well last night so hoping tonight does the job! Shame a friend is having his cat put to sleep today and she is 28! Very sad for him as he loves his cats!!!!!!!!Didn’t know they lived to be so old as dogs generally only make 16 at a push! Not much to share today but ECR were presenting from the country club today so went in the hopes of seeing some action but nothing!!!!Must finish my book! Just the epilogue then i can start a library book!

Thanks for the encouragement!

I spoke to a friend at church yesterday and she encouraged me to continue with my blog! So I shall do so!
I am reading a book at the moment called,”Silver in the Sun” by Tony Parsons and am loving it! An australian story and it is so well written – well it appeals to me anyway! There you go Annie, another one to look for!
I always have so much to say and yet when I sit down to write it all seems to disappear? Weird I know! I should probably sit down every day at a set time and then see what happens! That’s a good idea! Will try that tomorrow I think maybe at 3ish!

Good morning!

Well – another day another dollar!
Let’s try make this interesting!
Hope someone is reading this!
Another cool day today in Durban!
Hoping today I don’t have to go anywhere as I don’t feel like doing stuff and I am at an all time low – financially so therefore no reason to shop or go out!
That’s all for now!

Forgot to add a title! Whoops!

Well today was supposed to be 27! Hmmm maybe earlier but cold now! Cold weather can be quite depressing you know! All you want to do is lie in bed and sleep so you can keep warm too! Not so good for the soul but I suppose if you are out – different story! Just me and my musings! A frequent occurrence if the truth be told! Went for lunch with Stuart! Interesting guy – full of rubbish but still interesting! I met Howard this afternoon – nice guy – he reminded me a lot of Rob but what he wanted to discuss was exactly the same as what Lara wanted me to do and I don’t have the money to lay out so therefore can’t do it – will stick with my little job with Augustine and Cece and will see what the future holds for me with other job possibilites!

Back again!

Yes I know that my posts are not very frequent but I am getting there! Slowly but surely!
I should have started this when I was in Australia! Would have had more to write about! I think!
Maybe! I don’t know – won’t go on about that! I wonder if Lyndon has taken a look? He said he would! Ah well shall wait and see. Something else new on the cards – not teribbly sure about it but will wait until after the 2nd presentation tomorrow then might reveal more! Also pay day is tomorrow so all good there! Very excited about this little job as it is for reliable friends so all good! I have enjoyed the work so all good!